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Fully Dressed is a New Orleans term which signifies all of the condiments; typically used when ordering a poor-boy sandwich.


History of Creole Cuisine

The explanation of Creole Cuisine is a history. The beginning of this history starts with the first Americans the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians whom used the herbs and spices of the land to flavor the land to build flavors. 


Then came the French and Spanish whom brought classical cuisine from Europe which the combined with gulf coast ingredients. The French-Canadians aka Cajuns who were exiled from Canada to settle the midland of Louisiana’s and brought many stews and heavier dishes from game. Then of course the African-American Slaves who bought flavors, spices, and farming to the land which is now the state of Louisiana. When you bring it all together you have a cuisine which has been built for 200 years.


Fully Dressed is about the progression of Creole cuisine. Here we intend to put forth our vision of what we believe the cuisine should be based upon the tenants in which it was built.

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